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28 May


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I have been thinking about the very goal focused society that we have, all the inspirational quotes that people use to stay focused and achieve their goals.  That may suit many, it can give a much needed direction, it can also enable us to be trapped on a conveyor belt or into a state of being that makes us so goal orientated that we are inadvertently complying with the blinkered self centred life style which seem to be the *ideal* many organisations, corporations and governments want:
If you *succeed* you can be a part of the elite, if you don’t someone else can profit from the work you’ve done and *succeed*  in your place.  At least you’re too busy to notice that you could be a part of the process for change…
Yes, I am cynical 😉
As usual I digress!
To me life is all about the journey, it was how I taught, it is how I parent and it is how I live.  The journey takes us to places we may not have expected, where we can learn so much about others, ourselves and what is needed to be a useful member of the community of humanity.  We can sit and take time to listen to voices we may not have heard.  We can gaze upon wonders big and small that reveal themselves in the process of *being*.  We can learn about what is effective and what becomes barriers.  Some barriers need to be removed, others are there to serve as warning of danger.  We can test which it is: what is safe for me may not be safe for you and vice versa.  There is no rigid framework of what is *best* it is what it is, the hills and valleys come.  The experiences can be positive or horrendously negative at the moment we have them.  The journey is composed of both.  To me that gives them value whether I’d rather have avoided them or not!
Oh Cripes,  I’m sounding all preachy!
The journey gives me fuel to fight those things that I perceive as injustice and to give me insight into things that I had thought were wrong, often with new understanding I realise the positive or negative value I held needs to be adjusted.  Sometimes my fight becomes stronger other times I realise that I was mistaken or where I was directing my fight was not the place where the challenge needed to be placed.
Journeys, for me are what life is about, what do you think?  Can you show me?

Be a Goose!

12 Jul



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I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one who has made a parallel between the turn taking of Geese in their V formation and healthy human self care…

It struck me that as a person who supports others it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking your needs are secondary, or sometimes, heavens forbid, that you are the essential part. This is not conducive to psychological wellbeing.  Stress is a killer.

I want to remind myself and bore you with the fact that sharing the strain of being at the front or main supporter:  ideally with work colleagues,  is the best way of covering the most ground (air 😉) and making sure that no one is left behind!

I am particularly mindful of the peer support that *protectors* in all their guises can access if they are prepared to remove their masks…



13 May


My hands are open and outstretched;

My heart is the same.

I may use my arms to support or embrace.

If you have fallen I will crouch beside you: until you are ready to stand.

If you can’t see your path I will still walk with you



You decide to grasp too tightly:

Confining my blood flow

Or, you raise your hand to me.

I may subject myself to a few undeserved blows:

MY choice


I will not submit to demands, spoken or silent

I will not refrain from  self protection:

My fist is sure and strong.

I do not accept your views of me:

I have my own


My hands are open and outstretched;

My heart is the same…


21 Apr

A guest post  I will not credit:  encompassing everything I fear about this Bill…read it and weep…


So why is CISPA so bad?  It’s American legislation so it only affects Americans, right?


The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is ostensibly intended to to combat the threat of major hacking attempts on elements of national infrastructure which, in itself, is an obviously worthy goal.  With power stations, water and gas pumping stations and other critical elements of society able to be managed remotely it’s only a matter of time before someone successfully attacks the control systems and engineers a disaster without ever stepping foot in the country concerned, let alone being anywhere near the premises.  The consequences of a Stuxnet-style attack at a nuclear power station don’t bear thinking about.

However, one consequence of the act’s massively wide definitions is allowing the US government (and their private sector cyber-security partners) to access whatever information you have put on the internet in the guise of national security, whoever’s service you’ve put it there by.   You might think: nothing to hide, nothing to fear.   That maybe so, but ask yourself – do you know someone with, say, a protected twitter account?   Even if they’re doing nothing actually wrong with their account, there is a reason they wish to keep their audience small yes?   Well, once CISPA becomes law in the US it will be law everywhere (everywhere there’s a US-based server involved – Google, Hotmail, YouTube, Yahoo, Flickr, Facebook and so on) and this means the US government, and whoever they choose to share your information with, are now a silent part of that audience too.   Who knows when an innocent dig at your employer or the government of the day could completely unexpectedly come back to bite you in the backside?   What’s that, you’re not worried – you read the privacy policy thoroughly before you signed up?  Hah.  It means nothing if CISPA comes to pass.

Have a business or private website, a blog, or even have a device that gives you “cloud” storage?  Have Intellectual Property stored there you might wish to keep your own?   If it’s hosted by a US company, or even just by a non-US company but one with servers in the US, whatever data you store there will also now free for the US government and US industry to access.   No warrant is necessary, no probable cause need exist and (probably worst of all) any companies that comply with CISPA will be completely immune to the consequences of their sharing your information, irrespective what those consequences (to you) might turn out to be, and this is the case whether there’s a good reason for their proliferating your data or not.  You will have no recourse to law to defend yourself should you be falsely accused of something by a company that participates, you will have no recourse if your plans for a new and improved something-or-other get stolen and used by an American company, and it’s for the suspension of legal responsibility that CISPA is probably likely to succeed where SOPA and PIPA failed.  Those two attempts to control the WWW failed largely because they gave (eg) copyright owners the right to take action against hosts (eg) YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook if they found infringing content.  Participating in CISPA would render these global corporations exempt from civil or criminal penalties from wrongful disclosure or access.   You, of course, will not be.  No 30 pieces of silver for you or me.

Still not worried?   When government and big business team up to operate with no legal oversight you bloody well should be, particularly when it’s to control information.  How damaging has the silence been on cuts to the police, the health service, etc??  Also, consider how, for cracking one particularly tricky bit of their reproductive cycle, Monsanto tried to claim a worldwide copyright on pigs and the same company regularly sue farmers (who don’t use their bovine growth hormone) to smithereens simply for saying their milk doesn’t contain BGH.  Control of information.  A number of biotech companies are already fighting copyright battles over bits of various genomes when all they’ve done is map it, not create it FFS (this is likely to expand to our individual genomes too as more medicines head this way – if you can monetise it, someone will fight for the right to control it).   Information is knowledge, knowledge is power, power is control.

When you’re writing to your MP and a peer asking them to stop the S.75 NHS competition regulations, stop punishing the sick, vulnerable and poor for the failings of the banks, stop privatising our schools, hospitals, emergency services, roads, airwaves and every bloody thing else that’s not already in private hands, it would be worth adding “please also contact the US Ambassador to the UK and ask them to veto CISPA”.

Remember – who’s responsible for your online security?   Turns out it’s Uncle Sam and, I don’t know about you, I don’t have an Uncle Sam.

Clement Attlee: Guest Post by AVONPCCWATCH

11 Apr

clement Attlee

On October 8th 1967 in London an 84 year old man died of pneumonia , his funeral service , a low key affair was held on 7th of November at Temple Church and did not last too long. There were around 150 people who attended the service- the man’s estate, at probate was £7,295.

Monday 8th April 2013 , an 87 year old woman dies of a stroke , at a £3,500 a night suite at the Ritz in London.
A funeral is planned with gun carriages, Queen in attendance and gun salutes- the woman is estimated to be worth in excess of £10 million, and has her money largely ‘offshore’.

What do these two people have in common ? They both have honours , they have both been Prime Ministers but only one has been given a ‘state funeral’ in all but name .
If it looks like a state funeral-sounds like a state funeral-smells like a state funeral-then it probably is…..

By acknowledging Thatcher , but not Clement Attlee ,the Queen has shown a partisan attitude , state occasions must bind all of the community together as one people. Attlee by his unstinting devotion to public service and the massive achievements for ALL sections of society , both as Deputy PM to Churchills coalition and then PM from 1945-1951.
Clement Attlee , an unprepossessing , Oxford history graduate , son of a solicitor , an archetypal tory one might say , who whilst doing voluntary work with poor boys in Stepney was appalled by the plight of the working class.

A barrister , a war veteran on several fronts , lecturer at LSE , elected Mayor of Stepney in 1919 and then in 1922 General Election elected M.P. for Limehouse. Attlee was leader of the Labour Party for 20 years, and the Government led by him was instrumental in enacting legislation to enable :- NHS , National Insurance , Benefits sytem , Family allowance,Fire Service Pensions , Agricultural Wages Board , Nationalisation of utilities , it helped form NATO, the U.N. and helped a number of former colonies gain independence- these are just a few of his governments achievements.

In a cabinet full of personalities , like Bevin, Bevan, Dalton and Cripps  Attlee was a quiet unshowy man. A serious,patriotic and decent Christian man of principle. Attlee said that he ‘ Never felt alone because he could reach into his memory for verses by , Tennyson , Browning and Swinburne. In 2004 voted the 20th Centuries greatest Prime Minister in a poll of 139 academics.

In all Clement, Attlees achievements both during and after the war were all encompassing- he saw the benefits system as supporting people to get back on their feet and was genuinely concerned for the welfare of all working people.

Without entering into a diatribe on Thatcherism or its rights and wrongs , all I can say is that we are seeing how divisive Thatcher is- especially away from the South of England. It is fair to say that the effusiveness of praise for her achievements is disproportionate to them. By opting for the obvious ‘bread and circus approach’ Camerons government is taking a risk in stirring up memories best forgotten.

This is a guest blog which was written by @Ripunzelle in reply to my post #Unity I thought it too interesting not to share

27 Jan

wolfinsheepOn the subject of Police and Policing, I have in some way got to go
around the houses here to ‘justify’ why I feel, and therefore
communicate, in the way I do about that subject. I can see that ordinary
Police Officers ARE in a quandary about what is happening to them and
the society they serve. They undeniably do a difficult and at times very
dangerous job. That said, this is a phrase often used carte blanche to
lionise the Police. Let’s be truthful, many people in other walks of
life do difficult and dangerous jobs in different ways. I agree that the
Police often have to deal with and mop up the worst excesses of
humanity. However, the fundamental problem that they, and we face, is
that the system they serve is ultimately no longer worth serving. When I
say that, it may appear to be sweeping, but my understanding of the
design for life we are subject to is undeniably indicative of a system
that is in a downward spiral because of the cause and effect of greed,
vulture Capitalism and Elitism.

The society we exist in is not fair, it is not free and it is not
civilised. It is a stage-managed show in which a tiny minority of greedy
and privileged arseholes conspire to use coercion, deception and plastic
morality to wave an imaginary carrot in front of human nature. The
simplest way of summing this up is to say that ‘the only thing that
Power respects – IS power’. Western ‘democracy’ has been tainted and
corrupted by the design and goals of Corporate desire. To this end,
politicians have become glove-puppets in a system where tax is collected
and revenue is used to beggar and divide people and repress truth and
freedom. In a nutshell, for me and I suspect many other people, Western
democracy has become essentially Corporate Fascism. This design is
failing rapidly, and the people who are ultimately in charge are
becoming increasingly desperate to retain control, at any cost. To me,
this is painfully obvious and yet many people simply refuse to see
things for what they are out of fear.

The Police as a force, as an organisation, have rapidly become the
foot-soldiers of a system that no longer has any true moral authority.
This may be less true in Britain than other countries, but one would
have to be blind not to see the trend in brutal disregard for ordinary
people across the Globe. Over the last thirty years, the Police have
become something increasingly detached from their original purpose, and
it seems to me that very soon there will be very few Police and more and
more Drones and forms of electronic monitoring and compliance. Secondary
to that point is the fact that the ‘authorities’ are more and more
frequently using small truths to tell huge lies in order to provide
themselves with monsters and enemies by which they justify their
positions, for example ‘terrorism’. The proliferation of secret courts,
communications monitoring, byzantine and ever changing criminal justice
systems, the NDAA in America and constant barrages of pap legislation
across Europe can only suggests that there has been a revolution from
the top down. The only comparable historical event is the rise of
National Socialism and Hitler’s Germany. For most people, Fascism
requires the presence of Nazi uniforms, jackboots and concentration
camps to have authenticity. I contend that Corporate Fascism has
reviewed and re-styled itself to become less obvious and more
‘appealing’ to the masses by way of entrenching itself within what
appears to be a democracy. It is for this reason I proselytize
revolution as being the only true remedy for the current political
system, of which the Police, as confused as they are, are a significant

The Police, as a force and organisation, have not done themselves any
favours. In the last couple of years alone, between the revelations of
Hillsboro, the shooting of Mark Duggan, the canard of the London riots
and the death of Iain Tomlinson, to name but a small fraction of the
controversies lately involving Police integrity, the Police as a force
have become deeply mired in corruption and profoundly exposed as
unreliable and ‘playing on behalf of incumbent Governments. Bodies such
as the IPCC are responsible for much of this and the latest debacle
regarding Police Commissioners is further proof that the Police ARE
politicised to benefit a very small minority that can comfortably trade
‘truth’ for political convenience. I understand fully that 98percent of
serving officers will be as far removed from these machinations as you
and I are. However, commuting the actions of people paid and entrusted
to serve the public good down to ‘a few bad apples’ is simply not good
enough, nor is it in any way consistent. The Police as a force and the
Police as individuals need to wake up to what is happening to the world,
like the rest of us, and act accordingly.

The ‘plebgate’ affair is just one more knife in the back of truth and
reason. It appears that the Police, motivated by the worst excesses of
the Coalition, have conspired to expose the attitude of the Cabinet –
then adding problems by introducing a ‘witness’ that wasn’t there and
whom appears to have been a Policeman, as opposed to a ‘citizen’. If the
Police have done what they have done because of the attitude of the
Cabinet, they have fucked up – massively. I smell a fat nasty political
rat, in that it may well have been the ‘political’ side of the Police
who orchestrated this schism in order to pile up even more reason for
‘implemented change’, further disgracing and bringing in to question an
already disgraced organisation.

As bad as this is for ordinary Copper’s, I rather feel that if they
want stability, change, reason and decency to prevail it is high time
that they came out in force and stood WITH the people they are paid to
protect and serve – instead of blindly accepting increasing
Totalitarianism whilst losing jobs, hours, pay and security. The whole
system is deeply flawed and needs reducing to rubble in order to remove
the protective barrier that keeps the Elite safe from the consequences
of their actions. This is why I espouse what I do. In the end, being
nice, patient and reasonable will not change anything. The people we are
dealing with are smiling Assassins using the media, wealth, power,
privilege and pap litigation to make themselves credible – plausible
liars with a mandate of hegemony. If Unity is to prevail to bring about
change, all people must wake up and act accordingly, not least of all
the Police.

Best wishes from Ripunzelle x


22 Jan

Well I’ve been thinking a lot lately, don’t worry I took a few naps… anyway I digress.

I follow and support lots of various groups including those in the Public Sector. I’m quite simplistic but it has upset me how aggressively dismissive some of these groups can be about the others. The teacher bashing regarding *school closures* a case in point.

For a while I’ve thought that the Government has rested back letting the media do their dirty work in identifying sections of society to pillory keeping the populace divided and making a concerted effort to challenge them highly unlikely.  Historical tactics which work well, unfortunately.

This morning I had another very interesting chat with a few people regarding unity.

*Fuzz* do not have a *union* they have the Fed which has to work to strict guidelines and constraints.  *Trumpton* have unions who seem more vociferous and successful  in mounting challenges. There is very real friction between these two groups at times which is clearly seen from my perch on the outside, friendly and sympathetic to both groups. Similar tensions exist between other Public Sector groups too.

From my little perch I see more similarities than differences. You all have specialist yet often converging roles, you all have a desire to serve society, you all are essential to society and you are all being shafted.

I can’t fully comprehend your jobs and restrictions that you work under as I’m on the outside, seems to me that you don’t understand each other either. I’m a relational person and firmly believe that we can only get to understand each other by forming relationships formal or informal and starting a dialogue.  In my chat this morning I mentioned two things, *circling the wagons* and symbiosis.

When threatened its natural to cling to those like you, understandable.  Yet this action can be as effective in keeping out those who would like to help as it is in protecting you from your enemy.

Symbiosis: close relationship of interdependent species.  Now THIS interests me!  How about encouraging the Fed and Unions to speak to each other and build mutually beneficial associations? Maybe it is happening in places I don’t know.  The Police have to attend protests to keep public order, this does not mean they are unsympathetic to causes and should not automatically be treated as if this is the case.  Unions, you have greater flexibility to exert pressure, could you include supporting the police in your actions? 

Individuals can you build on your knowledge of these other groups by trying to research and speak to each other?

We all need to stick together and focus on who the real protagonists are at THIS point in time. I do not want to relive the 70s it was awful! Keep the lines of communication open please, reach out and press on.  Stop keeping on picking up your ball and huffing off home when the game goes against you.  Sort this mess out together, you can go back to being partisan if you want to after!

We’re all in this together aren’t we? Or are we Sheep?


Please let me know what you think…start the dialogue!

Jules x

Oh and sorry if it sounds a bit preachy not meant that way honestly 😉


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