13 Oct


A random conversation today with @jingo399 has reminded me of something…

When I was a young teen of 17 my mates wore clothing called *originals* they were old oil, beer and bodily fluid soaked jeans worn over slightly cleaner jeans to keep you dry in bad weather and to keep unwelcome people away.

My dear mum was never one to be put off from welcoming people into her home. When my friends visited she made them leave their patchouli soaked leathers in the porch and put old curtains on the sofa for them to sit on bless her.  She bustled around making tea, producing *hidden from us lot* biscuits and tutting at *Black Sabbath* LPs being played far too loudly for her delicate little ears 🙂

After some months of excruciating intermittent pain I had a burst appendix and had to be admitted to hospital for it to be removed. Those were the days of strict nursing. The sister on my ward decided that my visitors were unsanitary so refused to allow them admittance.

Not to be deterred they used to sneak in, (How anyone didn’t hear the engines is beyond me) go to the back of the hospital and climb up the outside via a tree and swing onto the balcony to visit. I loved my mates!!

One time they were a trifle boisterous and got busted! She went nuts and they legged it off leaving me to face the music! Damn she was tough!! So for a day or so I snuck out in my jamas and leather jacket to the grounds were we sat drinking cider! Lol those were the days!!

One lad did amaze me by turning up clean! New jeans and everything. I had never seen him shine!!! Sister wasn’t fooled. she demanded to see his hands. Yup oil under the nails. She poked him in the stomach with her finger and made him go to the sink where she supervised him scrubbing his nails!!!


I think this kind of attitude is somehow missing from life now!


2 Responses to “#Originals”

  1. traveller47 October 13, 2013 at 7:27 pm #

    Never heard of originals before but youth and authority were very different back then. I was watching some youth on the news today having quede outside a cinema for 10 days to see Hobbit 2. Back when they would have been out demonstrating and making their voices heard and authority would have been cracking down on them not trying to understand them. Not sure whats better 🙂

    • julieanneda October 13, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

      I often wonder myself. I still have teens at home and sometimes find their lack of motivation to protest disturbing. Having said that they do have social consciences and protests now often have more protagonists than protesters so I am not sure? Xx

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