14 Jul



I was reminded this morning what a poor memory I have…I decided to share a few experiences that kinda highlight this, here goes!

When I was first married with 2 small children my then husband and I were invited by his boss for dinner.  Already I was concerned as I find it difficult to successfully find my mouth when trying to eat and usually end up wearing a fair proportion.  We sat in the posh restaurant and chatted freely as we waited for the food to be brought out.  Boss man was quite a pleasant chap.  I relaxed and began to enjoy myself.  the food was brought to us and I carried on happily chuntering to said boss looking straight at him to check he was not getting bored (highly probable! 😉 ) I realised his eyes were now laughing…I took a mental note of what we were chatting about…nothing humorous as far as I could tell, but I also noticed everyone else had gone quiet.  I glanced down at my plate to gather my thoughts.

Oh dear, dear, dear.  It was not my plate!  for the last 5 minutes or so I had been helpfully cutting up big boss man’s dinner into toddler sized bite portions!!!!!   to his credit he just thanked me slid his plate back and ate.  Ex was shooting dagger looks across the table.   He didn’t take me again!   I felt that the evening had gone quite well all considered!

The next one I’ll share is even more cringe worthy… I’ll wind back the clock to the first week of my first baby.  Any nursing mums will know that it can be a little sore and fresh air is recommended.  It can also be a pain packing and unpacking the delivery vessels from your clothing and juggling a squirming bawling bundle of fury simultaneously.  Never one for making work for myself I was in the habit of leaving free access at home.

One morning as I bustled around trying to at least do some jobs whilst the baby slept there was a knock at the door…

Wait for it, its worse than you are imagining!

The nice young milkman was there wanting the bill paid.  Yes, I went to the door fully exposed.  Yes, he noticed.  Yes, I noticed he noticed.

I remember his words very clearly:

“It’s ok Love we deliver, we don’t take deposits!”

Mortified is not the word!!!!

He never mentioned it again…but I suspect I was one of the few on his round whose milk bill always had a smiley face and kisses on!


Jules 😛





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